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Watch Fifa World Cup Barcelona

Watch Fifa World Cup Barcelona



Wild Rover Irish pub lives sports
Wild Rover Irish pub lives sports

The Football World cup tournament is played every 4 years between 32 teams who present their countries after the qualifying tournament. The 20 World cup has been won by 8 countries, Brazil five times, Germany and Italy with four times, Spain, England and France with one title.

You can watch all the games  in Barcelona at the Wild Rover, next to the Ramblas

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The Qualifying for the world cup is divided into 6 continental zones ( Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Caribbean, Oceania, and South America and the qualifying starts three years before the World Cup competition.

The World Cup competition  starts with 8 groups and 4 teams in each group who play together, each group will play 6 matches in the first round, 3 points for a win, 1 point for each team who draw and zero points if they lose the match, the two teams with more points in a group they go through the second  round, known as round 16.

Come to Barcelona’s Wild Rover to enjoy the quarters, the semifinals, the World Cup final and all the other matches!

In the round 16 they play 8 matches if there is a draw starting from this Stage they have to play extra time and if no team win they go to penalties. And now FIFA confirmed that from 2022 will be 48 teams instead of 32 teams playing The World Cup.

The Draw is made of four pots depends on the ranking of the teams and of course the top pot and ranking is the team who host the world cup. this 4 pots will be divided to 8 groups from A to H, the host will occupy the group A and the rest of the pot 1 will occupy the from B to H and one ball will be picked from different pots to get an 8 groups of 4 teams, and because the UEFA they have 14 qualifiers so teams from the same confederation they can be in the same group.

Remember you can watch the FIFA World Cup at The Wild Rover Irish Pub On 2 Giant HQ Screens and 6 Larges TVs, all games will be with English Commentary except Spain Games.

Do you want to watch more football matches or other sports?

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