The Perfect Guinness Pinta at an Irish Pub in Barcelona

The Perfect Guinness Pinta at an Irish Pub in Barcelona


This November we’re going to put a big sparkling mustache on your upper lip courtesy of Arthur Guinness. Because on Wednesday 19th we will be rehearsing how to serve the perfect pint of Guinness in an authentic Irish Pub, in Barcelona.

Yes, friends! In The Wild Rover we are going to put special taps for anyone who wants to try their luck in serving a pint. Even Guinness is going to give him an official certificate for his effort in throwing it perfect. For every pint Guinness served we’ll give you a free shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey. And all this is useless without good Irish music.

At 11pm we will have with us the best known Irish band in Barcelona, Los Stompers, playing the old live tracks: “Whiskey in the Jar”, “The Wild Rover”, “The Fields of Athenry”, “Dirty Old Town” and many more. What better than the combination of good looks and live music? This is the best offer you can get from an Irish pub in Barcelona. We don’t give you half a hint.

We will have special prizes for the best pint served. And don’t worry if you don’t dare to throw it yourself, we’ll serve it to you. We have more than fifty imported beers and twelve different pints. Why stay at home this November? Wednesdays are The Wild Rover. You can learn something new, have fun and meet new people. Serve the perfect pint of Guinness and get your official Guinness certificate right away. Earning a degree has never been easier and a good laugh has never been easier. And The Wild Rover has an official certificate that serves a perfect pint of Guinness.

Stout Porter Guinness is a world-renowned Irish beer and is found in Irish bars all over the world. The Irish will talk for hours about their quest for the perfect pint of Guinness, and any waiter who cares in Ireland knows that the secret of an excellent pint is in the way it is served.

We pride ourselves on having the best pint of Guinness imported directly from St. James Gate Brewery in Dublin. Serving a pint of Guinness is an art and in recent years, at The Wild Rover, we have mastered this art and perfected our pint to serve it magnificently. We give it the perfect angle from the first moment to the end to have a creamy pint. And instead of keeping it all a secret, we want to share it with you. They’ll call us crazy… but this is an Irish pub: after all, madness is in our blood.

This event is in memory of Eduardo Martínez Fustero (February 1988 – November 2014) client and friend of the house he left us last week. DEP.

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