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Perfect Pint Of Guinness Barcelona

Perfect Pint Of Guinness Barcelona


The Perfect Pint Of Guinness

The Wild Rover Irish Pub’s Guinness Perfect Pint Pour
This November we’ll put a big frothy moustache on your upper lip courtesy of the baul’ Arthur because on Wednesday the 19th of November 2014 we’ll be teaching you how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness Barcelona. That’s right, at the Wild Rover Irish Pub Barcelona, we’ll be setting up special taps for anyone who wants to try their hand at pouring a perfect pint. Even Guinness themselves are going to give you an official certificate for your endeavours. For every pint poured we’ll also throw in a free shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey. And what use is all this gargle without a decent Irish pub song to get you going? From kick off at 11pm we’ll have the best known Irish pub band in Barcelona, Los Stompers, playing all the old Irish favourites, live; “Whiskey in the Jar”, “The Wild Rover”, “The Fields of Athenry”, “Dirty Ol’ Town” and many many more tunes and songs. What’s better than the combination of a great pint and live music. This is the craic of the Irish Pub at it’s very best and at the Wild Rover Irish Pub Barcelona we don’t do things by half-measures.

We’ll have special prizes for the best poured pint and if you don’t fancy trying your hand don’t worry just sit back and soak up the atmosphere sipping on your choice of one of twelve draft beers and fifty bottled beers from around the world. This November why stay in on a Wednesday watching the same old stuff on the telly when you can come to The Wild Rover Irish Pub Barcelona and learn something new and meet new people in the bargain? At The Wild Rover Irish Pub’s Guinness Perfect Pint Pour you’ll even walk away with an official certificate from Guinness themselves. Getting a qualification was never so easy and never such a good laugh.

The stout porter Guinness is a world renowned beer from Ireland a is found in Irish Pubs all around the globe. Irish people will talk for hours about their search for the perfect pint of Guinness and any self respecting barman in Ireland will know that the secret of the perfect pint is in the way it is poured. At the Wild Rover Irish pub Barcelona we pride ourselves in having the best quality pint of Guinness imported straight from St. James’ Gate Brewery in Dublin. Pouring a pint of Guinness is an art and over the years, at the The Wild Rover we have mastered this art and honed our pint pouring skills to perfection. We have it down, from the angle of the first pour to the time to let the pint settle to the last and most important final top-up, leaving you with the smoothest, creamiest pint in Barcelona. Instead of keeping all this an in-house secret we want to share our knowledge with you. Crazy we hear you say? Well this is an Irish Pub after all and craziness runs in our blood.

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