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The Lost Rovers

In the beginning was The Craic

Not even Football could hold it back

A world peopled by waifs, strays & wayfarers,

wastrels, rogues & ramblers,

chancers, dancers & romancers;

a treasure trove of Trad & Folk.

Tough, tall tales tempered by tender reveries, seasoned by a rake of reels, lashings of jiggery-polkery and a rare old dash of ribald balladry.

Welcome to the world of The Lost Rovers: where what seem’d gone forever is very much alive, alive-o

The Lost Rovers play all the old Irish pub favourites; The Dubliners, The Fury’s, The Pogues, Dublin City Ramblers, The Clancy Brothers and many more all lashed together with traditional tunes, all the jigs and reels you know and love. Whether you’re looking to dance or sing along with a ballad, the Lost Rovers are your men, the only authentic Irish band in town.

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The lost river irish pub barcelona
The Lost Rovers are
Brian O’Mahony – Voice, Guitar, Harmonica

Frank McMahon – Voice, Banjo, Mandolin

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